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Mister-Sister Site! [Feb. 11th, 2007|08:26 am]


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This says it all.

And, the one Brandon has up on The Fishbowl:

Yes, Brandon of Social.Code fandom, and I of Salads-y fandom have been married Platonically in all our not-reallyness.

Our sites exhist in harmony.
Like our souls. (?!)

Social.code is a wicked band that The Salads have indeed toured with in the past (and should tour with again), who happen to have an album due out in April, a single out this Monday which is currently up for d/l at their myspace, AND are out on tour now.

All this can be naturally checked out at the new source for so.co news:
We (Mostly he) worked hard on that fuckah. Go lap it up.
I particularly enjoyed doing the Gorman art...
(Gorman's kinda that Socical.Code version of the Breakfast Buddy...except he's a fish.
....and he died.)


Anyway, go seriously check this band.
I caught them last year here rawkin Rum Runners in London, and they thoroughly kicked my ass all the way up Dundas(s).

ba ba ba ba ba ba....babababa?
~ Drummah Jen