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The Salads Fuckin' RULE! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MTV, Sounds, interview [Sep. 28th, 2006|11:07 pm]

[music |Rx Bandits - In All Rwanda's Glory]

A S S L I D S : : : : . . . .
Asslids has a new section in 'The Goods'...
Yes, there you can find some of the interviews & podcasts that have happened in the last little while. Right click and save the mp3's to your computer, because once that bandwidth is sucked up, it's gone.

N E W S : : : : . . . .
MTV.ca has everything up from earlier this month. This includes a never-before-seen interview with some pretty amusing content.

- Positive Smilin'/crack
- Band nap time (Spooning!)
- Hemorrhoids ?
- The bands' stance on 'selling out'
- Anal explosions
- Producer talk
If you're going to watch for anything, watch for the mini band-on-band action.
Don't fight it, Dave. They heart you.

~~ Instructions ~~
To get to the videos via
1. Search "The Salads" in the Search field.
2. Click view results in either "Shows" or "Music Videos".
- 'Shows' will bring up the great 'MTV NEWS: RAW" interview, and their MTV LIVE performance of 'Individual'.
- Music Videos will bring up All throw MTV Live Performances - Individual, Get Loose, and Time 4 Change.
3. Click "Play Now" and watch.
For crude, but more Visual Instructions,
click here.
For an Mp3, see the Sounds section.

Also in the Blog news - D explains the lack of gigs in
The Salads' latest Blog.
Are you one of the many people wondering where all the gigs for this non-stop touring band went?

Well, first off, The Salads have recently switched booking agents. We were working with Omar at The Agency for quite some time, and now have switched over to Ryan at Live Tour Artists. Ryan has been a good friend of The Salads for a long time now, and we are very excited to be working with him.

Secondly, we are without a drummer for at least a few weeks (if not more), as Grant is playing drums on a US tour with Clive Davis' new prodige,
Landon Pigg.

We wish Grant all the best on these gigs, and look forward to his return so that The Salads can get back out on the road to rawk.


P I C O F T H E P O S T : : : . . .
Oh man, I've been wanting to post this one for a while.

It's nap time. Excuse me, but I have some juice and a blankey waiting for me.
~ Drummah Jen

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3rd Time's a Charm for Single Selection. [Sep. 3rd, 2006|09:57 am]

[music |Barenaked Ladies - Quality]

has finally answered our question about the latest single, suggesting to the world that it's now 'A Better Way'.

The full Scan can be found: Asslids > Posters/Scans.

The 2nd single had been announced by the band to be 'Powerless', but was instead followed by some random radio play of 'Got No Love' on FM96's Out Of The Box, and preceeded by 'Individual' also being played FM96 Live @ The Salt Lounge.

...Annnd, now they're saying it's 'A Better Way'.
Hey, the more Salads on the Radio, the better.

The scan also suggested some touring in October!

This just in, the new single is XXX,
~ Drummah Jen

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Mista D: Comin to a Podcast in YOUR hand! [Aug. 30th, 2006|12:48 am]

[music |mistad - Episode 1: REGGAE NICENESS]

Mista D's GOOD MUSIC Podcast
Give it a listen! Episode 1: REGGAE NICENESS
August 29, 2006 04:05PM

1. The International Herb - CULTURE
2. Macka Spliff - STEEL PULSE
4. Boderation - BUNNY WAILER
5. Ulterior Motive - LUCIANO
6. Bobby Babylon - FREDDIE McGREGOR
7. Better Must Come - DELROY WILSON
8. Chalice In The Palace - U-ROY
9. Come Along - LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY
10. The Feeling Is Right - DENNIS BROWN
11. A Version I Can Feel - TOMMY McCOOK
12. Sinners - JACOB MILLER
13. Lost My Sonia - COCOA TEA
14. Murderer (Remix) - BARRINGTON LEVY & BEENIE MAN
15. Explain To The Almighty - SIZZLA
16. Love So Nice - JUNIOR KELLY
17. By His Deeds - VC
18. Throw Down Your Arms - SINEAD O'CONNOR
19. Fisherman's Anthem - DEAN FRASER
20. Food For Thought - UB40
21. Maga Dog - PETER TOSH
22. Easy Skanking - BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS

You can subscribe via a quick and easy itunes subscribey box on the page, or listen via a host of other ways on the net!

~ Drummah Jen

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LOTS o Updates. [Aug. 26th, 2006|02:20 am]

First and foremost:

The site is absolutely kickin'! Great Pictures, You can listen to every Salads Track, Wallpapers, videos, it goes on & on!
Go say howdy--under 'Input'!
Be careful...that Chuck jerk is back though. Ugh.

Podcastin' Salads!
The Salads did a great Podcast with
indiecan: Episode 13, and there was quite a bit of news involved.
"Lucky Episode 13 features a rare live acoustic set with Chuck, Dave and Darren from Canada's ambassadors of good times, THE SALADS. Between Warped Tour dates, these fun loving indie veterans share some laughs, insights and a one-of-a-kind acoustic set of some of their greatest tunes."
They played an acoustic version of Take It To A Disco, Roth, and Get Loose!
The adlibbed singing that goes on during the songs is pretty amusing.
- Grant's recording drums for other people
- Darren does "commercial jingles and voice-overs" (Dude, that rocks.)
- The guys are already thinking of the next album, and how it's going to be more lighthearted again after The Big Picture getting the real stuff out.
- First Albums for all the guys.
- Dave's misheard lyrics (Salami, Dirty Jeans)
- Musicians: prepare to drive, and be brainless.
- Canadian Indie scene thoughts.
- Dave apologizes to the tomato town.
Dave: Benny & The Jets, Dirty Deeds
Darren: Dream Warriors, Gowan, Michael Jackson - Bad
Chuck: VanHalen - 1984, Michael Jackson - Thriller, Powerslave
In other news, Mista D has a part on the AWESOMELY WICKED brand new Staylefish album, Audible Addiction, out in September!
Check that out. Dan Tran's one hot muffin.

Sept 16th 2006 - Toronto, ON
@ The Opera House


Sept 22nd 2006 - London, ON
@ Western Fairgrounds


- FINALLY, Stick Art added. 7 New shiny ones for ya over in
Fan Works!
NEWS - The Salads.com message board is up and running!

- Some excellent Warped Pictures by Anna B! (Aug 11th & 12th)
Videos updated - Mike has uploaded videos from the Barrie Warped Tour date & an intro Darren did for him.
D rawks for sending those along.

~ Drummah Jen
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Wurd up. [Aug. 22nd, 2006|04:50 am]

August 22, 2006 Updates:::...
- MANY a picture
update! Salad Gold 13 pics are finally up (Aug 18th), and Individual Pics, Random Band Pics, and Live Pics also have new additions.

Salad Gold rocked hard.

- Though the bio
wasn't updated, technically...I changed the Big Pic release from future tense to past tense, because it occurred to me just how much I've been slacking.

- Few more
MSN/LJ Icons added.

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MTV Live DATE CHANGE [Aug. 17th, 2006|08:22 pm]

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Gig in Sept [Aug. 12th, 2006|11:31 pm]

[music |Mark Hoppus - Podcast #17 for HiMyNameIsMark, the home of Mark Hoppus]

I was getting drunk @ Norma Jean's tonight, and found a poster saying that The Salads are opening for Thornley/Bobnoxious/Default on September 22nd, 2006.

AT...Western Fairgrounds.

No time yet, and expensive-as-hell ($28.50), but a gig's a gig, right?
The tix can be picked up @ Norma Jeans on Huron St. here in London.


~Drummah Jen

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OFFICIAL MAILING LIST [Jul. 31st, 2006|02:50 pm]

[music |System of a Down - Prison Song (Demoish)]

Oh, and also got some icons:

~Drummah Jen
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Wurd. [Jul. 17th, 2006|02:49 pm]

[music |Barenaked Ladies - Helicopters]

2 New reviews added, thanks to D!

Check out the Review4U.com one for sure for a great laugh--

"I remember a time when Pepsi Blue was the hottest berry flavoured cola on the market. I also recall the add that supported the beverage and the song that was pretty well dubbed it's jingle: "Get Loose" by The Salads..... Now to try and hold strong, The Salads have released their follow up 3 years later, in hopes that they won't go down in history as the band who had their 1 hit on a commercial for a cola that flopped."



Yeahhh...The Salads never did a Pepsi commercial.
The guy must have a HELL of a good recollection.


P I C   O F   T H E   P O S T :  : . . 

What a tough dude. Frankly, I'm scared.
~ Drummah Jen

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Yar. [Jul. 5th, 2006|05:15 pm]

[music |Homer Simpson - Spanish Flea]

A new review of THE BIG PICTURE can be found Here.

And, another ad was in Exclaim!.

~ Drummah Jen

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